we treat the patient and not the disease

Rocio Salas-Whalen

Dr. Rocio Salas-Whalen, MD

Dr. Salas-Whalen is a triple board-certified endocrinologist located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She is guided by the philosophy that every patient is different and requires personalized care and attention. Dr. Salas-Whalen believes in the power of patient knowledge in driving outcomes and promoting lifelong health. Her practice is based on achieving results through teamwork between physician and patient.

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New york endocrinology treats a COMPREHENSIVE list of illnesses, including:

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes Mellitus type 1 & type 2

  • Gestational Diabetes

  • Post Bariatric surgery follow up

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

  • Hypogonadism

  • Osteoporosis

  • Transgender conversion

  • Pituitary Adenomas

  • Adrenal Adenomas

  • Thyroid nodules with in house ultrasound and fine needle biopsy

  • Thyroid Cancer

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Vitamin Deficiencies


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